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toggle autopilot modes


I'm trying to get paparazzi working with my ar.drone 2 and i'm following
this tutorial:

Now I ran into a couple of problems that seem to relate to the joystick
I'm using. It's a simple _Saitek ST200_ and I allready created an
XML-File and got it up and working so far that I get the appropriate
real time plots that confirm the functionality. Even though I also setup
the three buttons to toggle the autopilot modes (I copied and adjusted
the XML from the extreme3d jonstick configuration), it just won't work.
So I'm stuck, when it comes to the point to switch to the _RD_C_ mode. I
could not even figure out how to use the CGS to toggle through the
autopilot modes.

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks a lot!


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