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telemetry not working

Chris Efstathiou

I need some help setting up the Matek f405 wing autopilot.GPS works fine
on UART1, rc works fine on uart 2 rx using TIM9, IMU works fine also but
the telemetry is not working at all on any UART using the transparent

I am using a FTDI cable connected directly to the pc and then i run the
GCS with no luck.

The rx and tx leds on the FTDI cable are always off indicating that
there are no data in or out so i need to ask if there is something
special i need to define in order to make telemetry work or at least
send something

because i tend to forget many things lately....

It almost looks like the autopilot waits for something before it starts
to send data through the telemetry serial port.

Here is the relevant airframe part

     <module name="telemetry" type="transparent">
               <configure name="MODEM_BAUD" value="B19200"/>
               <configure name="MODEM_PORT" value="UART6"/>

Thank you for your patience with me.


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