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joystick configuration problem

Chris Efstathiou
I think i need some help.
I am trying to use the joystick for flying a fixed wing without the
standard rc using the datalink
but i am getting an error concerning the joystick.xml file.
Any help welcomed...

Here is the error from the GCS console output:

joystick ID (option -id): 129
Joystick SDL device index (option -d): 0
Fatal error: exception Failure("Couldn't parse message DL_SETTING")
Fatal error: exception Failure("Couldn't parse message JUMP_TO_BLOCK")

It used to work fine with the twog  but somehow with version 5.8.1and
lisa_m_2.0  it isn't.
The joystick is detected just fine and it works if i remove the
offending code
(ie the calls to "DL_SETTING" and "JUMP_TO_BLOCK"

here is the joystick file:

   <axis index="0" name="aileron"     limit="1.00" exponent="0.6"
trim="0" />
   <axis index="1" name="elevator"    limit="1.00" exponent="0.6"
trim="0" />
   <axis index="2" name="rudder"      limit="1.00" exponent="0.6"
trim="0" />
   <axis index="3" name="throttle"    limit="1.00" exponent="0.0"
trim="0" />

   <button index="0" name="lower_hut_left"/>
   <button index="1" name="lower_hut_down"/>
   <button index="2" name="lower_hut_right"/>
   <button index="3" name="lower_hut_up"/>
   <button index="4" name="stick_right_button"/>
   <button index="5" name="stick_center_button"/>
   <button index="6" name="stick_left_button"/>
   <button index="7" name="stick_fire_button"/>
   <button index="8" name="select"/>
   <button index="9" name="start"/>
   <button index="10" name="L3"/>
   <button index="11" name="R3"/>
   <button index="12" name="HOME"/>

<messages period="0.030">

   <message class="datalink" name="RC_4CH" send_always="true" >
<!--  <field name="mode" value="(0-camera_zoom)+127"/> --> <!-- convert
to uint8_t, 0-254 -->
    <field name="roll" value="aileron"/>
    <field name="pitch" value="elevator"/>
    <field name="throttle" value="Scale(0-throttle,0,127)"/> <!--
convert to uint8_t, 0-127 -->
    <field name="yaw" value="0-rudder"/>

   <message class="ground" name="DL_SETTING" on_event="stick_left_button">
    <field name="index" value="IndexOfSetting(deploy_parachute_var)"/>
    <field name="value" value="1"/>

   <message class="ground" name="JUMP_TO_BLOCK"
     <field name="block_id" value="IndexOfBlock('GoToCam')"/>



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