What GPS to use??

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What GPS to use??

Nathan Speidel
Hello all!!

I just got started trying to use Paparazzi and am running into some problems with the GPS.

I have some questions I am hoping someone can answer.

1)   What GPS works best with paparazzi for the AR Parrot Drone 2.0?   My partner and I can't seem to find a GPS that will just work.  

2)   The tutorial for getting paparazzi working for the AR Parrot Drone which we found here:  http://wiki.paparazziuav.org/wiki/AR_Drone_2   says that we should select the session  "ARDrone2 Flight".   But this session doesn't exist in the version we are running.   We only see  Flight UDP/Wifi, Flight USB-XBee...  etc.    Which session should we select? 

I guess the thing that would help the most would be a link to a GPS that we can order that will work out of the box with the drone and the paparazzi software. 

Any thoughts? 

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!! 


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