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UDP example please


I am trying to set up a udp connection between the ivy bus and vicon (motion capture system similiar to Optitrack). Is there some examples how to implement udp.c or is it as simple as #include ud.c in the headers?

I am trying to follow the natnet style (sw / ground_segment/misc / natnetivy.c) to retrieve drone co-ordinates using a vicon_sdk and would like to  know a couple of things:

a) is the ivy bus port 2010 where the motion capture info of the drone is published onto the ivy bus? line 71

b) with the upd set up is there a requirement for the following in the airframe file configured with <configure name= "HOST" value = "192.1681.1.$(ac id)"

c) lastly, if I am already sending drone vicon position data from a script from a windows machine which sets up a udp connection, is it possible to just set up a udp connection on the ivy bus (sw / ground_segment/misc /) or can this be established on the drone itself?

thank you for any information on these questions