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Hello  Balaji.V

The schematics and PCB files are created with eagle ( )
There is a free demonstration version available.

You can find further help on the wiki ( ), in particular this page

We also have an IRC chanel on freenode ( #paparazzi )

Best regards


BALAJI V wrote:

>      I am a new comer to this field of UAV and want to learn things
>about the same. During this process, I came across your website.  I
>request some assistance from your side. I could not open some files
>that I have downloaded. I want you to let me know how I can open the
>*.sch files. I understand these are schematic files and I tried
>opening them with winschematic but I could not.  Is there any
>Editor/Viewer that you can suggest me to open and see those files. It
>will be very much helpful for me if you do the needful.
>With regards

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