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Problem with OpenLog

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Anyone familiar with OpenLog? I did everything I can with my limited knowledge with no success.

I flashed my OpenLog with OpenLog_V1_noescape, using a 2GB card because I know the V1 firmware only compatible with 2GB, modified the airframe file according to instruction on wiki.paparazziuav, configured the Config.txt to 57600 baud rate.

All I get was empty log files. The blue LED on OpenLog wasn't flashing.

My paparazzi version is v5.8.2_stable-none-ga525f2b. I am using a Lisa/S.

I know that the firmware has actually upgraded to V3 now. Anyone know how to make that works on paparazzi?

Have been trying for a few days with no success. Appreciate it if anyone can help. Thanks.