Possible bug in paparazzi center? SOLVED

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Possible bug in paparazzi center? SOLVED

Chris Efstathiou
Yes that is what i had in mind with the difference of using a pure delta airframe with  winglets that act like a vertical landing gear.

"Would not be easier to multiply the output of the IMU by a rotation matrix? In fact, I do not know whether is possible to change in flight the values of the "mounting imu".
Absolutely, i just wanted to describe it somehow...

"Mounting the IMU on a servo may be fun, but it is not necessary. When the plane transitions, the attitude feedback will still work as normal, since the actuators will still do the same w.r.t. the body axes. You may use AP_MODE_FORWARD to transition to forward flight if you want to fly RC with attitude control. The control effectiveness of the flaps will become higher as the plane goes into forward flight, which can be dealt with by using the gain scheduling module."
Is there any branch or code i can follow in order to understand the concept better?

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