Paparazzi v5.16 stable version released

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Paparazzi v5.16 stable version released

Gautier Hattenberger-3
Dear all,

Despite the worldwide lock-down and the limited possibilities to fly
MAVs, the new stable version of Paparazzi is out!

It brings a lot of new features, boards support and bug fixes, including:

- update of OCaml, Python and airborne C code to support Ubuntu 20.04
and GCC9 (support of Ubuntu 14.04 and before is dropped)
- Tawaki, Crazyfly, Pixhawk4, and Pixracer boards
- support of DSHOT with ChibiOS compatible boards
- several new sensors, including the multi-ranger and flow v2 deck from
- ...

See the release page for a more complete changelog:

Stay safe, and happy flights as soon as possible!

Gautier for the Paparazzi dev team

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