Paparazzi v5.14 stable version released

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Paparazzi v5.14 stable version released

Gautier Hattenberger-3
Dear all,

We are happy to announce a new stable version release: v5.14.0_stable

It is including many bug fixes and improvements listed in the CHANGELOG

- new rover firmware
- many improvements to Gazebo support
- PPRZLINK v2.0 as default
- secured telemetry
- many improvements to computer vision modules
- ...

If you are already using paparazzi with git, you can switch to this new
branch with
git remote update && git checkout v5.14

For new user, you can download the paparazzi_v5.14.0_stable.tar.gz
tarball or get the source code with
git clone -b v5.14

Happy new year and lots of successful flights!

Gautier for the Paparazzi dev team

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