Lisa M V2.1 does not enter RC-Mode

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Lisa M V2.1 does not enter RC-Mode


I have a problem with my LISA M V2.1 Controller. It does not want to enter the RC-transmitter Mode (third LED not on).

I use a DX8i and two Spektrum 9645 Receivers. The Code worked fine before and all of a sudden the receivers stopped working (or the Controller does not enter this mode). Both receivers are in good condition though.

I changed to a default airframe file and uploaded it on the controller. The receivers started blinking and I did bind my transmitter to them. Afterwards no response either. Third LED not on.

Any suggestions what could be wrong? I think it looks like a software problem but why did it appear out of a sudden? I did not even upload a new code before it broke. Any suggestions how I could fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,