IVY bus link ground station to airborne drone

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IVY bus link ground station to airborne drone


Another question relating to the paparazzi communications, when using the IVY bus is the communication link between the ground computer and airborne provided by a piece of hardware such as a remote control control device or an API device such as the XBee?  Or is the network Wi-Fi router able to provide this function?

Also, in regards to the IVY bus - I downloaded and installed Ivy from  http://www.eei.cena.fr/products/ivy/ -  was this necessary?

At the moment I have the ARDrone2, ground computer and Vicon motion capture system connected on the same Wi-Fi network through a Wi-Fi router but no ivy bus communications is being received by the drone.

I am using the GPS small message format in the same manner at NatNet to transfer the XYZ position data from the Vicon to the drone.

Also is the PPRZ_link method similar, i.e. requiring additional hardware / software?