GUI for Paparazzi log file analysis

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GUI for Paparazzi log file analysis

Roman Krashanitsa
This a simple GUI frontend for MATLAB analysis of paparazzi log files. Zip
file contains a dialog window and a script for it.
Run it by changing directory to the one where script is located and type
"dialog" in the comand prompt.

The script decores messages contained in a log file using protocol
descrition found either in $PAPARAZZI_HOME/conf/messages.xml or in
./messages.xml, or in ./conf/messages.xml if PAPARAZZI_HOME is not set.

It takes fairly long time to load log file and decode the messages but then
it works fast. There is a progress indicator in the status line.

Functionality is limited to plotting selected fields on a new plot or
combining with previously plotted data. Plot attributes are editable.

Print preview and printing is done through a standard MATLAB dialogs. By
default it includes GUI elements. You have to remove checkmark in the print
settings dialog page.


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