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GPS data via UDP

Good day all,
 I am looking at sending GPS data over the network to my AR Drone2.0 from a computer other than my GCS. It appears that using gps_udp.c is a good place to start. Is this correct, and does sending the data this way replace the need for an actual GPS module ie it will get past the 'Wait GPS' block?

Looking at gps_nmea.c, the system is looking for 4 types of NMEA sentence, RMC, GGA, GSA and GSV.
 Is there a requirement to send these in a particular order/pattern?

My uBlox M8N is currently sending out
 so I think I can safely ignore VTG and GLL, and possible only include either GPGSV or GLGSV sentences.

I am also having trouble reading the _udp_gps_payload structure, presuming that is how I will have to format the overall message. Can anyone explain this part, please?