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Fwd: [ivy] ivy-python v3.1: compatible w/ python 2.7+ and python 3.x!

Yannick Jestin

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From: Sébastien Bigaret <[hidden email]>
Date: 15 mars 2016 16:40:36 UTC+1
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [ivy] ivy-python v3.1: compatible w/ python 2.7+ and python 3.x!
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   Hi all,

I'm very pleased to announce that ivy-python v3.1 has just been released, which adds support for both python 2.7+ and python 3.x!
(Could anyone please update the «Latest news» section on the Ivy Home Page? Thx!)

Thanks to Yannick Jestin for pre-testing the 3.x version!

You will find it as usual on the Python Package Index: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/ivy-python/

Note that the repository moved to gitlab (since gitorious has been bought by gitlab), you'll find it here:

I also take the opportunity to tell that, as I am not willing to update the SVN repository @cena.fr anymore, I did commit a last revision with everything deleted except a README pointing to the gitlab repository so that things are clear to new-comers.  This point has nothing to do with the tls.cena.fr platform, it is all about me having had enough with svn in general [1].

__ Sébastien.

PS: I've been asked "Why GitLab?" or "Why not GitHub?" --well, I'm convinced that open-source projects are happier when they are managed with open-source tools, and I'm trying hard to keep my open-source projects happy!-)  Just my humble opinion, I'm ok w/ anyone choosing his/her own favorite tools :)

[1] and yes, I know about git-svn, and I have a similar, even if quite shorter, bad experience with it either. Again, just *my* opinion, I could just have missed the right way to use the tool.

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