First release candidate for v5.10 stable

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First release candidate for v5.10 stable

Gautier Hattenberger-3
Dear all,

The current master version have been tagged today as v5.9.0_testing and
is now considered as the first release candidate for the next stable
version that will be v5.10.

It means that during the testing phase, only bug fix will be accepted,
other pull request are pending and may integrate master branch after the
stable release.

So, if you have some bug fix in your dev branches, it is the right time
to submit them!

Since we are already very late on the release schedule and that no big
changes have been done during the last month, the testing phase will be
as short as possible, hopefully not more than a week.

You can view the change log here:
Don't hesitate to amend it if you think some elements are missing.

Gautier Hattenberger for the Paparazzi Dev Team

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