Detailed 3D model of fixedwing UAV just released

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Detailed 3D model of fixedwing UAV just released

Michal Podhradsky
Hello everyone,

have you ever needed a nice 3D model of a fixedwing UAV that can be used for visualization in Flightgear, but none was available? That is no more the case.

AggieAir just released a model of one of its UAV platforms, called Minion. The Minion UAV has acquired hundreds of flight hours and has been proven very reliable.

The model itself is rather detailed and has almost 30MB, which is the main reason it wasn't included in the main paparazzi repo itself. For flight dynamics you can use the models already provided with paparazzi.

The Minion UAV model can be downloaded from:

More details about the Minion UAV:

Happy flying!

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