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Custom STM32 based board

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Hi there, I'm new to Paparazzi UAV and to this list.
I'm trying to create a diy drone for learning purpose.
I own several STM32F103(V/Z)E and a STM32F407VE development board.
I also have some sensors:
- some chinese 9/10 dof IMUs,
- a U-blox GPS module
- several NRF24L01 modules
- some ESP8266 NodeMCU modules
- brushless simonk escs
- brushless motors
- etc.
My objective would be to build my drone using above pieces, thus making a custom autopilot board to run the Paparazzi fw.

I was wondering first of all how complex can this be and then whether there is any supporting documentation or tutorial.

Any suggestion would be very welcome!

Thanks and bye, E.