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Changes in the CVS head

Pascal Brisset-3

Your next "cvs update" will requires some modifications in your conf files:
 - map2d is renamed gcs: fix it in your control_panel.xml
 - settings (through datalink or rc) are now specified in a separated
file (located in
conf/settings, see settings.dtd) and have to be cited in your aircraft
config (conf.xml):
    - move your rc_control (rename it in rc_settings) and dl_settings
sections out of your flight plan file in a conf/settings/x.xml (see
    - add settings="conf/settings/x.xml" in your conf.xml section (see
example in conf.xml.example)

Note that you will need a "cvs update -d" to get the new directory

Please ask if something ges wrong ...


PS: rc settings display will be added to the gcs soon

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