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AW: Carry Environmental Sensors, Paparazzi-devel Digest, Vol 26, Issue 6

Lukas Siebicke

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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 19:03:05 +0200
From: Antoine <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Carry Environmental Sensors
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- Hi Antoine,

Hi Lukas

Your problems seem well in the range of what our autopilot capabilities.

- That's great!

There are already several universities using it.
- Do you know of any names of the universitys to contact and hear about
their experiences?

Regarding the supply of hardware, we have plan to have a new batch of
classix board ( twin arm7 ) manufactured in a near future.
- Once you know when "near future is" please let me know. Would you
recommend I get one of those?

Regarding the computer and linux knowledge, there is some need, but
don't get scared, others have succeded.
Regarding the pictures, the sample on the website are snapshot from a
downlinked videostream - it should be possible to achieve much better
quality using a digital camera.
- Yes, I think so, too.

Regarding meeting someone in real life, we have indeed some members in
germany - take a look at this page :
- Thank you for the link, I will contact him soon.

Maybe you'd like to come and discuss all this on our IRC chanel (
freenode #paparazzi)
- Sorry if I am being stupid: what is the links to the IRC chanel?

Best Regards


Beste Regards, Lukas

Lukas Siebicke wrote:

>Hello Paparazzi people,
>I am new to your project, but I am really excited about what you have
achieved so far.
>On the search for a platform to carry environmental sensors I came
across Paparazzi and it seems to be almost perfect.
>What I would like to do:
>-Carry (one) camera for high resolution arial photographs (start with a
standard digital camera, expand to multispectral later if possible),
>-Carry sensors for meteorological measurements,
>-increase flight time, use solar power if possible,
>My background:
>I have build and flown model airplanes in the past, I fly myself, and I
have had quite a few thoughts about autopilot related stuff. Currently I
work on a thesis about meteorological measurements.
>My University would be happy to use Paparazzi like technology for arial
>What I would like to have:
>-an autopilot system to install and test on one of my planes (or on one
of your workhorses),
>-an estimate how much time it takes for a person with some basic
programming knowledge etc. (I�m not a freak, guru or anything) to get
together a ready to fly autopilot,
>-information on what has been achieved in terms of taking pictures
(I�ve seen some on your website),
>-please get in touch if you could imagine to carry some sensors for the
university or if we can arrange a meeting in southern Germany some time
(is that were most of you are?).

>Looking forward to any kind of feedback,
>SMS schreiben mit WEB.DE FreeMail - einfach, schnell und
>kostenguenstig. Jetzt gleich testen!
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